Brazillian Portuguese translation for FeedDemon 1.5

José Flávio Vidal just sent me a Brazillian Portuguese translation for FeedDemon 1.5. If you’re viewing this in FeedDemon, just click this link to download and install this language file. Thanks, Flávio!

March 6, 2005: I’ve just posted an updated version of this FDLANG which includes a few corrections.

3 thoughts on “Brazillian Portuguese translation for FeedDemon 1.5

  1. That’s awesome, Nick. I think this may be what finally convinces me to buy a copy. The product looks great in every other respect, and now I’ll be able to practice my Portuguese while using it. :)
    Muito Obrigado!


  2. FeedDemon nu in het Braziliaans Portugese taal

    Er is vanaf heden een Brazilliaans Portugese vertaling voor FeedDemon 1.5 te verkrijgen.
    Dit met dank aan José Flávio, blijkbaar een gulle vertaler …


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