More Reviews of FeedDemon 1.5

“FeedDemon is easily the slickest, most powerful reader I’ve tried, with features that come close to making it a killer app…After you’ve tried it, I bet you’ll be more than happy to pay for it.
The Houston Chronicle

“FeedDemon sets the standard for RSS readers in a market that Microsoft has yet to even address with any of its software products.” The Winning AdVantage

“Having happily shelled out semi-big bucks for his beyond awesome CSS editor, TopStyle Pro (probably one of the most elegantly written apps of all time), it was not much of a stretch to part with the $29 registration fee for FeedDemon. So, what is it? It’s the best RSS reader in the world…FeedDemon has become a must-have.” Imaginary Mind

“FeedDemon’s integrated podcasting client is also a work of art making stand alone podcaster irrelevant.”

“I love the integration with, NewsGator, and the newspaper styles” Omar Shahine

“FeedDemon…is my choice as Software Product of the Year. Nick Bradbury, the individual behind FeedDemon, is my choice for Most Valuable Player in the Blogosphere. FeedDemon is that good.” Dennis Kennedy

“If you haven’t used FeedDemo, then you should. It is bloody brilliant…a dream to use and encompasses every feature a young man could want.”

5 thoughts on “More Reviews of FeedDemon 1.5

  1. Grats Nick!
    I purchased FD despite getting a free copy for my help on the 1.0 beta – and I’ve never regretted it. For a minor and free release, 1.5 is extraordinary value for money :)

  2. FeedDemon lofprijzingen

    Nick Bradbury, de auteur van FeedDemon krijgt maar niet genoeg van de lofprijzingen die hij krijgt over de nieuwste versie 1.5 van FeedDemon.
    Een lijstje van de “reviewers” heeft hij eigenhandig op zijn blog gepubliceerd.

  3. None of the reviews use the phrase “incredibly fscking excellent” as often as I do when talking about FeedDemon, but they’re still pretty good…glad to see FD getting some of the enthusiastic attention it deserves.
    – W

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