Still Bushed from the Last Gnomedex

The recent announcement of Gnomedex 5.0 reminded me of a funny story from last year’s Gnomedex. See, I was planning to give away FeedDemon and TopStyle T-shirts at the event, but I was having problems with a local T-shirt printing company. To make sure I’d have them in time, I ended up buying a bunch of shirts through my CafePress store instead.

A couple of days later a box from CafePress arrived, and I figured I’d better check the shirts just in case there were any problems. So I opened the box and found…

…a few dozen anti-Bush T-shirts.

No FeedDemon shirts. No TopStyle shirts. Just a whole bunch of shirts spouting anti-Bush slogans.

Now, despite the fact that the anti-Bush shirts were worded more colorfully than mine, I was still really disappointed. To their credit, CafePress sorted out the problem very quickly, but unfortunately not quick enough – I ended up getting on the plane without the shirts, and upon calling my wife when I landed I discovered that FedEx delivered the correct shirts about an hour after I left (arghhh!).

3 thoughts on “Still Bushed from the Last Gnomedex

  1. Haha! Imagine an Anti-Bush demonstration with all the people wearing FeedDemon T-Shirts.
    The marketing effect would be higher than ever :-D

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