A year ago I was sidelined by a pinched nerve, which resulted in surgery and a long recuperation. Today I celebrated my recovery by running my first half-marathon.

Now, I wish I could report that I ran at a record pace, but the truth is that I ran veerrry slowly. At about the fifth mile I started having trouble with my iliotibial band, and no amount of stretching seemed to help. So rather than run a speedy race, I slowed to a 10-minute-mile pace and spent much of the run watching people twice as old – and twice as wide – pass me by. Still, given that a year ago I was down for the count after neck surgery, I feel pretty good that I finished at all.

I feel even better about the fact that my kids were there to see me finish. Last year, I hated them seeing me wearing a neck brace, unable to turn my head or even pick them up. This year, as I crossed the finish line I spotted my kids holding hand-made “Go Dady” signs, and I can’t describe how great that made me feel. The only thing better than that was lifting myself into the stands to give my wife a well-deserved (and very salty) kiss.

PS: A special thanks to my best friends Kevin and Shima, who made sure my favorite beer was waiting for me outside the event. Nice one, folks :)

7 thoughts on “Recovery

  1. Go for it man, congratulations! It doesn’t matter where you came in, just that you got up and did it after the pinched nerve. I can ride a bike as far as the day is long (I raced until an injury caused some serious knee surgery), but you runners have my utmost respect. I don’t think I could ever do what you’ve done.

  2. Dude, anyone who can run a half marathon deserves credit. But anyone who runs it after what you have been through deserves it even more :) . Congratulations.

  3. Thats great to hear Nick. Congratulations :)
    Just out of interest what is your favourite beer? ;)

  4. Morgan, after a long run, Miller Lite is my favorite, but in all honesty I’m not all that particular. Choosing my favorite beer is like chosing my favorite supermodel. Sure, you may have a favorite when you think about it, but when you actually have the opportunity to have one of your own, you’re not about to be picky :)

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