Spyware purveyors looking into RSS

I just received this email from a well-known purveyor of spyware who is seeking to enter the world of RSS:

“We are interested in any co-distribution and/or co-marketing opportunities with FeedDemon. I represent [company name omitted since I don’t need the legal hassle], a free content and application network that represents a current user base of 30 million plus subscribers. Should we explore a possible syndication opportunity, this would possibly gain exposure of your application to our user network. If you are interested in discussing further, if you could please contact me offline, I would be happy to chat more about this with you in detail.”

I immediately replied that I wasn’t interested in doing business with them, but I’m sure I’m not the only one they’ve contacted. If you’re involved in developing an RSS reader, be sure to research any company seeking to do business with you before replying to their request. The last thing RSS needs is affiliation with spyware.

8 thoughts on “Spyware purveyors looking into RSS

  1. I have just launched a RSS website like Newsgator and Bloglines but my idea was to build something where the user can be in charge. There will be a RSS feed directory but the user will also can add feeds into his account that will be available only to him.
    Anyhow, the site is only in beta version and only couple days since its up I have received an email from a person that what emails of my users to market his products.
    Funny enought I have only 4 users, however, people are ready to do anything to advertise and market their products.
    I think you did the right thing refusing the offer.

  2. RSS To Introduce Spyware

    Nick Bradbury, of Feed Demon, posts on his blog that he has been approached by “a well-known purveyor of spyware who is seeking to enter the world of RSS.
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  3. Spyware Targets Feed Demon

    Nick Bradbury, founder of the excellent RSS Reader Feed Demon, has an interesting [short] article on his blog about how he was approached by a Spyware company to explore syndication opportunities with them.

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