TopStyle 3.12 Status

TopStyle 3.12's improved class/id hyperlinkingLast month I mentioned that I’m working on TopStyle 3.12, which will be a free upgrade from version 3.x. I don’t have a release date yet, but here’s a teaser on what it will include:

One of the TopStyle’s most popular features is class hyperlinking, which enables one-click navigation to the declaration of a CSS class. However, this feature doesn’t currently support the use of multiple classes (ex: <p class=”class1 class2″>), nor does it support id attributes – and both of these items have been requested many, many times.

I’m happy to report that over the weekend I completed work on both of these features, and they will be included in TopStyle 3.12.

PS: I’ll announce the new version here when it’s available.

15 thoughts on “TopStyle 3.12 Status

  1. Excellent work, Nick.
    Since the beer wouldn’t be cold enough when it arrives where you live I decided against sending but drank a bottle of Foster’s to your health :-)


  2. An update?! Hurrah! I gotta admit I was a little worried tho. An update would be grand =) And maybe a free version of Pro? :P Just asking *continues with his lite edition*


  3. What what the list Sonu…. It would be great to see what you think needs to be fixed.. So that others can agree on it..


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