TopStyle 3.12 Status

TopStyle 3.12's improved class/id hyperlinkingLast month I mentioned that I’m working on TopStyle 3.12, which will be a free upgrade from version 3.x. I don’t have a release date yet, but here’s a teaser on what it will include:

One of the TopStyle’s most popular features is class hyperlinking, which enables one-click navigation to the declaration of a CSS class. However, this feature doesn’t currently support the use of multiple classes (ex: <p class=”class1 class2″>), nor does it support id attributes – and both of these items have been requested many, many times.

I’m happy to report that over the weekend I completed work on both of these features, and they will be included in TopStyle 3.12.

PS: I’ll announce the new version here when it’s available.

15 thoughts on “TopStyle 3.12 Status

  1. Phew! Glad to see TopStyle coming along. I was beginning to think you didn’t love it any more.

  2. Excellent work, Nick.
    Since the beer wouldn’t be cold enough when it arrives where you live I decided against sending but drank a bottle of Foster’s to your health :-)

  3. Jack Brewster: Mac & Jack’s is the best brew Seattle has to offer, no doubt about that.

  4. An update?! Hurrah! I gotta admit I was a little worried tho. An update would be grand =) And maybe a free version of Pro? :P Just asking *continues with his lite edition*

  5. What what the list Sonu…. It would be great to see what you think needs to be fixed.. So that others can agree on it..

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