Bringing in Reinforcements

Over the past year I’ve become increasingly overwhelmed with supporting both FeedDemon and TopStyle, to the point that I spend far more time answering support questions than I do designing, coding and debugging my software. This is to be expected for a one-person software company, but given the rate of change in the RSS world right now, I can’t really afford to work like this anymore.

Because of this, I’ve been making some behind-the-scenes changes which will – over time – enable me to devote more time to software and less to support. The first of these changes is getting someone to help answer questions posted in my support forums.

Starting this week, you’ll notice a new face – my friend Ron – in the FeedDemon forums. Ron is already knowledgeable about RSS, but he’s still learning the ins-and-outs of FeedDemon so he’ll probably be doing more “lurking” than answering for a little while. I’ll continue answering questions while Ron gets to know FeedDemon – and, more importantly, my customers – but I’ll slowly fade into the background and become a lurker myself.

This is the first of many changes to come, so expect to hear more announcements along these lines over the next few months. For example, once I’m comfortable with having someone help with FeedDemon support, I plan to bring in someone to help with TopStyle as well.

I do want everyone to know that even when I’m no longer answering everything myself, I will continue to read every single question posted in the forums, and I certainly won’t disappear completely. It has always been important to me that I hear what customers have to say – good or bad – and I promise that this won’t change.

14 thoughts on “Bringing in Reinforcements

  1. I personally think it is a great idea.
    I have no concerns about you “disappearing”.
    If it means you can get FD2 out quicker i’m all for it :D

  2. Congratulations Nick! I know how hard it is, and I know how hard it is to give up support and great customers! I know everything will go well. Welcome Ron!
    — Mark

  3. Welcome aboard Ron!
    I’m so glad you finally got some help with FD support, Nick – I was beginning to wonder how long you could keep it up, especially with all the recent rash of new users with the same questions that have been asked numerous times before.

  4. Oh, Nick, you might want to change Ron’s Title to something other than “Forum Novice” – it might look kind of silly for a “Forum Novice” to be answering the question of a “Supreme Being” :) :)

  5. Thank you, Morgan! This may not mean that FD2 will come out quicker, but it does mean that it will offer a lot more than I originally planed :)

  6. I’m with critter – I was wondering how long you could keep it up, and working in a small software company myself I know how hard a big support load can hit you.
    I think this is a good sign, it means business has really picked up and I hope it continues to the point where you can afford multiple support staff :)

  7. I know that it is tough to do this but in the end when it comes to things your software will make much and you will be able to develop more extensive sofware that will help with overall of the company future… Keep it real and look foward to your new features with this great software..

  8. Thanks Nick, no one can blame you for wanting to code, to perfect it. I am so impressed by where you have taken topstyle. Its taken the place I had reserved for HTML-kit, I use it without bug one. Excellent work, have a good one bro.
    Devoted user, Glen Hards

  9. I was wondering how long you could keep it up, too Nick. Welcome, Ron! If you do half as good a job as Nick at support, you’ll still be better than the support from many companies I can think of!

  10. I too welcome you Ron.. For keep up the good work that Nick has done and you will make his company as successful as it has become and much more..

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