Accessibility Checker Recommendations

Among TopStyle’s validation tools is integration with the Bobby accessibility checker, but I’ve received word from Watchfire that they’ve discontinued their free web-based Bobby service. So, I need to find a replacement, hopefully in time to include in TopStyle 3.12.

Personally, I’ve found the accessibility checks built into CSE HTML Validator Pro more than sufficient for my needs, but I realize some TopStyle customers would like integration with a free web-based checker as well so I’d like to continue to offer this feature.

Since I don’t have much experience with these tools, I’m open to recommendations from TopStyle users. Note, though, that whatever service I integrate with must be able to accept the HTML document via HTTP post (ie: application/x-www-form-urlencoded) rather than just through a public URL.

5 thoughts on “Accessibility Checker Recommendations

  1. I also like the HTML Validator Pro integration the most. That’s another great piece of useful software!
    The only online service I’m familiar with is WebAIM’s Wave 3.0 service at:
    One of its options is to upload a page, though you’d know better of course whether this could be integrated into TS.

  2. What about
    that FireFox uses for 508 validation (via the Web Developer extension)?
    Don’t know if its what you are looking for – I actually use the Web Developer tools from FF to do any validation/layout debugging etc.

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