Thanks, Dave

Thanks Dave

Now that I’ve come up for air after my latest coding frenzy, I see that Brian Bailey has done something I should’ve done a long time ago: thank Dave Winer for his huge contributions to our syndicated world.

FeedDemon relies on RSS, OPML, weblogs, podcasting and SOAP – all of which were invented, co-invented or evangelized by Dave Winer. I’m having a blast developing FeedDemon, so thank you, Dave, for making my world a better a one.

2 thoughts on “Thanks, Dave

  1. Dave has been responsible for a lot of cool things but I lost a lot of respect for him when I heard him make a very unfair personal attack to Adam Curry publically.
    Dave is a clever guy and has done a lot of good things but he can act like a right d*ck sometimes. One day Dave is your best mate the next he is making podcasts slagging you off.

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