Meet the Aggregators at Gnomedex

A while back I was talking with Chris Pirillo and Dave Winer about interesting things to do at Gnomedex this year, and we figured that since so many aggregator developers will be there, we should all get together for some sort of informal luncheon where people who use our software could ask us questions and make suggestions.

The idea went over well with several aggregator developers we spoke with, so it’s official – according to the schedule, it’s happening at noon on Saturday. As of right now, developers working on NetNewsWire, RSS Bandit, Rojo, Bloglines, Pluck and (of course) FeedDemon will be there, and the invitation is open to other aggregator developers.

I’ll be leaving at the crack of dawn Thursday morning to fly to Seattle for the conference, and it looks like it’s going to be quite an event – according to numerous sources, there will be some interesting announcements made there.