Rethinking FeedDemon by Subscription

Apparently a few people have an opinion as to whether FeedDemon should move to a subscription model :)

In all seriousness, your feedback has resulted in an awful lot of re-thinking within NewsGator, and I’ve personally been involved in several very thoughtful discussions about what to do. The end result? We’ve listened, and we’re changing our plan.

We’ve heard loud and clear that you don’t want FeedDemon to stop working after your subscription runs out. You believe that you purchased it, so it should continue to work. Period.

And we agree.

Because of comments posted here, we’re going to change FeedDemon so that it does not stop working after your subscription runs out. You’ll still be able to read your feeds and download new items. As many of you suggested, more than likely we’ll disable features that rely on the subscription service (basically, synching and other pieces that tie into NewsGator’s online services), but everything else will continue to work (forever, if you like).

Does this sound better to you?

63 thoughts on “Rethinking FeedDemon by Subscription

  1. Now I remember why I thought so highly of your software in the past. A developer that actually listens!
    Thanks once again, Nick.

  2. FeedDemon to NOT be SubscriptionWare

    To follow up the previous post, Nick and Newsgator have decided to not use the subscription model for FeedDemon, as they had previously announced, based on customer feedback.
    I’m sure this was a trying week over at Newsgator but we should all be so …

  3. Outstanding, absolutely outstanding. I wish all the best to you and NewsGator, you really are the Good Guys.

  4. See, that’s why we all trust you so much Nick. You really listen and take user opinions seriously.
    Others either don’t listen at all, or they listen, but don’t ever change their course. You do both.

  5. btw, this is definitely a good sign about what kind of company Newsgator is too, so thanks also to them.

  6. Thanks Nick!
    I was actually thinking about just skipping the upgrades and staying with FD 1.5 so that I could — I hoped — continue to use FD independent of the subscription business model. Now I’ll upgrade.

  7. Nick, I was wondering the same thing until I read Newsguter’s (aka LIEMAN?)messages over on the NG support forums. With the firmly-held preconceived notion that subscription-based software is bad, Newsguter set out to prove that FD used the subscription model, completing ignoring the fact that (a) he was testing his theory with beta software, (b) you hadn’t had time to write the subscription code out of the beta software, and (c) paranoid individuals find exactly what they’re looking for 100% of the time regardless of the variables.
    Of course, I could be wrong. He could simply be shilling for (sorry, bad West Wing joke).

  8. Thank you for listening to your users and for changing the subscription model. Personally, I’d like to see an option to completely turn off anything newsgator. I don’t use it, and have no intention of doing so.

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