ANN: TopStyle Pro 3.12 BETA 2

TopStyle Pro 3.12 Beta 2 is now available to registered customers. Details on changes in this release may be found in the release notes. As always, just install beta 2 directly on top of the previous version, and your existing settings will be retained.

Feedback on TopStyle 3.12 Beta 2 should be posted in the TopStyle 3.12 BETA forum on NewsGator’s site, so you’ll need to register in NewsGator’s forums to gain access. We had hoped we could simply copy forum members from my site to NewsGator’s so that registration wouldn’t be necessary, but unfortunately this turned out not to be possible.

 Download TopStyle 3.12 Beta 2

Note: This beta version will only install on systems that already have a purchased copy of TopStyle installed.

4 thoughts on “ANN: TopStyle Pro 3.12 BETA 2

  1. Geez Nick. You always impress me. TS 3.12b2 AND FD 1.6b2 out in the same week? How do you do it – left hand coding on the TS development system and your right hand is coding on the FD development system? :)

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