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A couple of weeks ago I got an email from Chris Pirillo letting me know about a new metasearch service he devised called I wasn’t able to try it out because I was recuperating from surgery at the time, but today I took it for a test spin and I was immediately won over by its OPML support.

Why? Well, instead of subscribing to a dozen individual search feeds, I can import a single OPML file which links to them all. For example, the OPML below links to 16 different search feeds for the keyword FeedDemon:

I’m not a big user of mobile devices (call me a Luddite, but when I’m away from I desk I want to forget all about technology), but if I was I’d also love how simplifies keyboard entry of queries from cell phones and other handheld gadgets.

For details, check out Chris’s blog for his announcement of’s public beta.

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  1. The server is getting slammed. I can’t connect at all. Sounds like good stuff, though and it addresses a particular feature request that didn’t make the cut. ;)
    I’m feeling a new FD Search definition coming on.

  2. I’m guessing here, (Nick would have to confirm) but we’re so close to the release of 1.6 that it wouldn’t make the cut.
    I do like the idea though. I’ve got a few extensions to this that I’ll share with Nick if we get some time to talk about it.
    Do I take this to mean that there’s no plans to implement RSS output from at this time?

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