FeedDemon 1.6: Other new stuff

Over the last few posts I’ve highlighted some of the new features in FeedDemon 1.6 RC1, but in addition to these obvious features are a number of smaller ones which are equally useful. In no particular order, here are a smattering of them:

  • “Remember tabs between sessions” (Options|Options|Browsing) which tells FeedDemon to remember which URLs are open in the tabbed browser and re-open them the next time FeedDemon is started (I should’ve added this a long time ago!)
  • Quick toolbar customization – click the arrow at the far right of each toolbar to add or remove toolbuttons
  • “Photo Strip” newspaper style (described here)
  • FeedDemon watches now support negative keywords, which enables excluding items that contain a specific word
  • “Don’t export secure feeds” option added to OPML export
  • The “Statistics” page in the feed properties dialog now enables showing FeedBurner statistics for FeedBurner feeds
  • The feed properties dialog now includes the option to exclude the feed from all watches

Oh, and there’s also a new Easter Egg, which I like even more than the ones I created for HomeSite many years ago :)

3 thoughts on “FeedDemon 1.6: Other new stuff

  1. As a Top Style user I am harboring a growing sense of resentment and dislike for FeedDemon.
    I think the predictions that TS would take a back burner position (way back) were well founded. This is very disappointing for me … but the latest rash of FD coding must be the other end of the spectrum for FD users – so congrats on that I suppose. ;)

  2. Highlight of FeedDemon 1.6 New Features

    Nick Bradbury, the author of FeedDemon, has posted some compelling features of FeedDemon 1.6. The software is not available yet, but if you want to get a hand on it, you can download the pre-release version (release candidate 1).
    Some of the great fe…

  3. The tray icon is STILL broken.
    I’ve set the option to only update the current folder. I can mark all as read and minimize the app, and invariably the tray icon will start to show that there are new posts (after a while, doesn’t happen immediately). When I bring up the full UI, I can see that there are actually NO new posts.
    Please, please, PLEASE fix this for the next beta, as the tray icon is essentially useless right now.

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