ANN: TopStyle Pro 3.12 RC3

The final release candidate of TopStyle Pro 3.12 is now available to all TopStyle customers.

So what’s new in TopStyle Pro 3.12? You can view a complete list of changes here, but if you’re in a hurry, these are the top three most popular additions:

  • Support for id attributes in TopStyle’s style insight and hyperlink navigation
  • A thesaurus – just press Shift+F7 to display a list of synonyms for the current word
  • A fix for the bug that caused the embedded Mozilla Control to steal the focus away from TopStyle’s editor
  • Completely rewritten HTTP routines, for improved proxy and firewall support

2 thoughts on “ANN: TopStyle Pro 3.12 RC3

  1. Yes about time. Spend more time on TopStyle than the feed software.
    Much more users on TopStyle. It’s my fav (x)html editor. Keep up the good work!
    BUG: When you minizise TopStyle Pro v3.11 using Microsoft Intelli Optical mouse, it turns into a small rectangle. With the 3 boxes mini, maxi and close. That happens when you use the shortcut button programmed to function as close; on the side of the mouse.

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