FeedDemon 1.6: OPML Features

Given that OPML is getting a lot of buzz these days, I figured I’d highlight some of FeedDemon 1.6’s OPML features.

FeedDemon’s “Import Feeds” wizard enables importing feeds from your NewsGator or Bloglines Subscriptions, or from any OPML document on the web (or on your hard drive). FeedDemon also auto-detects clicks on .opml hyperlinks and displays a dialog listing the feeds in the OPML that you’re not already subscribed to (shown below using the structured subscription list example on Dave Winer’s “Guidelines for validating OPML” page):

After selecting which feeds to import, FeedDemon provides the option to mimic the folder structure of the imported OPML, or to import the feeds into an existing FeedDemon folder.

And of course there’s an “Export feeds” feature which enables exporting all of your subscriptions (or all of your subscriptions in a specific folder) to an OPML file. This feature provides the option to exclude secure feeds, in case you’re exporting your feeds for someone other than yourself.

One feature that will be in the next FeedDemon 1.6 build is the ability to create an OPML export of the new Feed Reports feature. In the case of the “Most Visited Feeds” report, this enables generating a list of the feeds you’re paying the most attention to (which, down the road, might be very useful for sharing reading lists of your favorite feeds).

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