Return to Technorati

A couple of months ago I dropped Technorati in favor of Google Blog Search for uncovering links to my blog. I wasn’t happy with Technorati’s performance, and I figured Google would do a better job finding new links given their resources.

Well, I was wrong. Truth is, I’ve been disappointed in Google’s blog search – Technorati does a better job overall, especially now that they’ve addressed their performance problems. So, I’ve switched back to Technorati. Nice work, folks :)

7 thoughts on “Return to Technorati

  1. Technorati’s return, and IceRocket’s continued ride into orbit

    Nick Bradbury is talking about how he has reverted back to using Technorati to search blogs after playing with Google’s BlogSearch for awhile. For some time now, I’ve been recommending Technorati to most people who ask how they can find…

  2. I like tecnorati and the tags that I am able to put in my wordpress blogs is awsome feature of technorait. Love your top style program very cool stuff later!

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