Critter Likes FeedDemon 2.0

Danny “Critter” Chamberlin is a long-time FeedDemon customer who has always given great feedback, and he’s one of the most active people in the FeedDemon support forums. Danny was one of the first two people to be asked to give the FeedDemon 2.0 pre-release a test drive, and I owe him a big “thank you” for taking the time to help make FeedDemon a better program. Not only has he reported bugs I never would’ve encountered, but he’s also made a lot of suggestions that have really improved FeedDemon’s usability.

Danny has been using FeedDemon 2.0 for a couple of weeks now, and he says it’s definitely worth the wait:

“FeedDemon 2.0 is just so much more usable than 1.x it is amazing…One of the big efforts that is being made for this release is making it new-user/non-techie friendly…while still having the power and flexibility to be attractive to us Power Users as well, and I think they have accomplished that goal.”

Thanks for everything, Danny – if I can ever return the favor, please let me know.

PS: I know, I know, I’m being a tease this week by talking about a FeedDemon pre-release that few people have. Truth be told, I feel like FeedDemon 2.0 is the best work I’ve ever done, so I can’t help wanting to talk about it. It’s a short tease, though, since the first beta will be out next week.

11 thoughts on “Critter Likes FeedDemon 2.0

  1. Looking forward to it – Thanks for the head’s up on what’s obviously going to continue being a top product. FeedDemon was so much better than anything else and soon it’s going to be even better. Can’t wait for the Beta.

  2. “I’m pretty sure FeedDemon 2.0 *IS* the best work you’ve ever done :D (Andrew)”
    Yeah, so true! When Nick looks at FeedDemon 2.0 and compares it to 1.0, he himself must be astonished how far he’s/it’s come!

  3. I’m waiting for the new release and i’m thinking about come back to a client newsreader, because online services are not so full-featured like my beloved feeddemon.
    What about a USB-portable version of FD2??
    It will be a killer app!
    Please Nick let me know about it..

  4. Waiting for FeedDemon 2.0 is like looking at the wide selection of products behind the glass windows of a chocolaterie after business hours and knowing that the one I want in the first row contains marzipan…

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