FeedDemon customers: How to get your FREE NewsGator Business Standard Plan

Just a quick note for those upgrading from FeedDemon 1.5 who are wondering how to get the free NewsGator Business Standard Plan that was promised right after the acquisition.

First, locate your FeedDemon 1.5 serial number. You can find it by selecting Help | Enter Serial Number in FeedDemon 1.5, and it’s also shown on the “About” box in FeedDemon 1.6. It’s also included in the email you received after ordering FeedDemon (and you can always use our lost serial number page to find it).

Next, visit https://www.newsgator.com/ngs/orderFeedDemon.aspx and enter your FeedDemon 1.5 serial number. Your free NewsGator account will then be created.

If you’re using the FeedDemon 2.0 Beta and would like to give the synchronization features a try, click the “Synchronization” button in FeedDemon’s options, then enter your NewsGator Online user name and password.

If you run into any problems, you can email us at support AT newsgator DOT com.