FeedDemon 2.0 Easter Egg

I had hoped to get beta 2 of FeedDemon 2.0 out this week, but unfortunately we’ve had to delay it for a few days. To make up for this, I’ll spill the beans about the Easter egg that’s in the first FeedDemon 2.0 beta:

  • Click in the web search box above the browser, to the right of the address bar (example)
  • Type FeedDemon Easter Egg
  • Press <Enter>
  • Play :)

18 thoughts on “FeedDemon 2.0 Easter Egg

  1. FeedDemon Easter Egg

    Love FeedDemon 2.0 Beta 1? Love easter eggs? I know I do! So here’s something to try, type FeedDemon Easter Egg in the browser search bar and prepare for hours of mildly entertaining randomness! Think Asteroids, but instead of shooting…

  2. FeedDemon 2.0 Easter Egg

    Nick Bradbury once again reinforces his position as the coolest developer on the planet by showing how to run an easter egg in FeedDemon 2.0. A great little egg it is too, a game where you have to catch the falling news items (in the FeedDemons…

  3. Heh. I love easter eggs in software :) Fun little game too. I feel bad that I just missed catching Scoble though heh.

  4. Any chance Feed Demon will ever be on the Mac? I like my Windows based Feed Demon better than NetNewsWire on my Mac.

  5. Sorry, JH – there are no plans for FeedDemon on the Mac. I wouldn’t have wanted to compete with NetNewsWire even before we were both owned by the same company :)

  6. Heh. Easter eggs seem to be a lost art these days ;) Nice.
    Looking forward to FD2.0 – especially to see if it ‘retains hierarchy’ when importing OPML files (trees with all its branches intact)
    This would be great, as we see better OPML tools where people can manage their feeds and organise them into neat folders/branches etc.
    Nick, if you drop me a line to the email given here, I’d like you to see (play with) a new ‘system’ I’m building over here ;)

  7. ahah!!! I just tried the 2.0 Beta! It works!! Folders!!! Branches!! Hurray!!
    Nice one Nick. But I’m also interested to know if FeedDemon will support linking to a ‘live’ OPML list – ie: So FD users can subscribe to a ‘reading/listening/viewing list’ which might change and update.
    You know.. like an Attention list?

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