18 thoughts on “PC Magazine Reviews FeedDemon 2.0

  1. Yup, I second that! I paid up the day it was released, after getting totally hooked on the beta version. I also agree it’s an improvement over 1.5 – especially the ability to see all feed groups in a tree view rather than the old style. Maybe I’m biased as a HomeSite and TopStyle fan already, but there were plenty of reasons I was happy to pay up rather than go with any of the many free alternatives. Well done, Nick – may the plaudits continue to rain in! :¬)

  2. Wow, I have to strongly disagree. I have had nothing but problems with the new version. So much so that I have switched back to 1.5.

  3. With the free Account every time when I open FeedDemon 2.0 I get a Window with this message:
    Activation failed
    We’re sorry, but FeedDemon could not be activated.
    Reason: This license key is not valid for this version of FeedDemon.
    It’s NOT very userfriendly !!
    Best regards, Jean-Claude.
    P.S.: the support team cannot solve this problem !!!

  4. Jean-Claude – I don’t see any outstanding support cases for you. Please reply to the last email you received from us so we can assist you with this.

  5. Congrats, and of course we all knew already that FeedDemon is the best!

  6. FeedDemon 2.0: PC Magazine Review Gets it Right

    Nick Bradbury points with justifiable pride to the positive review of FeedDemon 2.0 in PC Mag.
    PC Mag calls FeedDemon 2.0 simply the most comprehensive, feature-rich, and intuitively organized RSS feed aggregator/reader for Windows.

  7. Congratulations. I’m sure your sales will be overly happy the next few months.
    BTW, be careful linking to pcmag’s logo image. They usually make you pay a license fee to display them.

  8. Mea Culpa
    I have to eat some crow here…
    After some tutoring from Nick, I know that it wasn’t 2.0 that was problematic;
    It was me. Thanks to Nicks’ expertise and patience, I am now a Version 2.0 convert and would recommend it to any and all who want a great RSS aggregator.

  9. Hmmm…
    PC Mag have got exactly two products listed under “Blogging & RSS Tools”: FeedDemon and NewsGator and give them 4.5 and 4 stars respectively. Anyone else think that’s a bit odd…?

  10. Now if you could just get synchronization working across 2 different machines and you’d have something. Until synchronization works across multiple version of FD, I’ll stick with Bloglines. Otherwise it’s useless.

  11. By the way … I don’t just mean synchronizing the feed list. I mean the read/unread states as well. Regardless of what is advertised this doesn’t work consistently.

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