Rethinking Simple Things

One of the missing features in FeedDemon is a way to quickly navigate through the browser’s history. Right now you can use the standard back/forward buttons to move through your history, but those only move one page at a time – which is kind of annoying when you want to navigate ten pages back. So I decided to finally add this long-overdue feature (it will be in the next FeedDemon build, due very soon).

At first I was going to add dropdown history menus to the back/forward buttons, which is the way browsers have done it for years. But then I looked at Internet Explorer 7, and noticed that it has a very minor change to this design: instead of two dropdown menus, it uses a single menu which combines the forward and backward history. This screenshot shows what I mean:

IE7's recent pages

Yeah, I know – this is hardly an earth-shattering new feature. But I admire the IE folks for rethinking something that has remained unchanged since the very first version of IE. A single menu makes more sense, and once you get used to it, it’s easier to work with.

Long story short: this is the way it will work in FeedDemon, too.

2 thoughts on “Rethinking Simple Things

  1. On Firefox it can be done by right clicking on those buttons. Less intuitive maybe, but much more functional to me, if you could let the user choose it would be great ! ;)

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