Jedi Uprising at a Birthday Party

Yesterday we celebrated our son Isaac’s seventh birthday, and my wife arranged for a massive Jedi war amongst the kids attending the party. Each child was given a small, inflatable, illuminated light saber. Then the lights were turned out, and the Star Wars theme was blasted through the speakers.

It was among the most chaotic scenes I’ve ever witnessed – over 20 kids battling it out while strobe lights illuminated an otherwise pitch black room. Kids were dueling all over the place, and while a few brave parents jumped into the fray with their own light sabers, most just hung around the edges hoping nobody would lose an eye in the mêlée.

A number of the kids decided it was less fun to whack each other than it was to whack as many adults as possible, so they ran around smacking the adults with their tiny light sabers (grinning like crazed monkeys the whole time). No joke, I couldn’t cross the room without being bashed at least a dozen times.

This went on for 30 minutes without any break. It was hands down the most insane thing I’ve seen since that Sevendust concert I mentioned a couple months ago.

Everyone, of course, had a wildly great time. The kids went away knowing they’d been to the best birthday party of their lives, while the parents went away knowing their kids would be so exhausted from the dueling that they’d fall asleep early. I might even do the same thing for my next birthday :)

10 thoughts on “Jedi Uprising at a Birthday Party

  1. Excellent Idea!! I’m always looking for new ideas for my kids bdays.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I’m blessed with two little girls, but along with that blessing comes the lowest of low chances my wife would let me do that for their parties :(
    Sounds fun though!

  3. As an attendee at the uprising, just a quick note to inform you that I’ll be sending you my doctor bill next week ;) J/K… I had a “blast.”

  4. Wonderful idea! I am also trying to plan a Jedi party for my son Isaac (he will be turning six). Can I ask where you purchased the light sabers?

  5. Tanya, my wife spent a long time looking for those light sabers, and we never found any online. In the end she got lucky, though, and found a local party store which had a couple dozen in stock.

  6. Oh man, I’ll have to remember this in a few years when my son starts to have birthday party. at 18 month, he’s kind of young for this right now :)
    Do you have this on film? Must have been quite memorable.

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