Nick Unplugged

During last year’s negotions to sell my one-person company, one of the things I wanted was some time off after the next version of FeedDemon was released. Being a one-man show was fun, exciting, challenging…and exhausting (especially now that I’m the father of two). So I made sure that the deal included a month off.

Why am I telling you this? Because last week I started my month off. I had all sorts of plans to travel to exotic beaches and the usual vacation stuff, but in the end I decided to spend the first week puttering around the house. The only geek-related thing I did was play around with Vox – other than that, I’ve been running around with my kids, watching movies, reading books, and generally being a lazy bum. And you know what? I needed to be lazy at home for a few days, but now I’m ready to get out of town and be lazy somewhere else.

So, I’m taking my family to some out-of-the-way tropical island, and after I get there I’ll run around with my kids, watch movies, read books, and generally be a lazy bum (with frozen beverage in hand, of course).

Apologies to those who are waiting for me to reply to an email, but I’m afraid it’s going to be a little while before you hear from me. I’m unplugging completely for the next couple weeks, and I’m settling my mind into that wonderful place where email doesn’t even exist.

6 thoughts on “Nick Unplugged

  1. Personally I think he skipped town because he knew I was going to be in Nashville for a week.
    I swear – I wasn’t going to ask you to watch Connor! :)

  2. Go for it, Nick! I took a few days e-less recently, and it worked wonders. And believe it or not, I hadn’t forgotten how to blog or code afterwards (okay, maybe some will debate that). Have a great vacation!

  3. Enjoy your time off Nick. Lets hope nobody gets murdered wherever you go this time! *G*

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