ANN: FeedDemon

FeedDemon 2.0 build 25 is now available. This new build contains fixes for the security vulnerabilities I described last week, and it also includes the performance improvements I mentioned last month.

For complete details on changes and additions, be sure to read the release notes before installing this build.

Download FeedDemon (3.18MB)

Note: Just install this directly on top of your current version, and your existing settings will be retained.

7 thoughts on “ANN: FeedDemon

  1. Nick,
    You continue to make an already excellent product — the best of its kind — even better.
    I wish other software developers were as assiduous as you are.

  2. This new version is so much snappier when viewing feeds, even on my crappy 3.5 year old laptop. Awesome job.

  3. I keep my FeedDemon cache on a flash drive. In the past, when I would forget to insert my flash drive before launching FeedDemon I would get stuck in an error message loop. With, I now get a friendly warning message that allows me to close gracefully.
    Thank you very much for this fix!

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