Kudos to Microsoft

I’ll echo Sam Ruby’s comments:

“When the IE team screws up, it makes front page news everywhere. If life were fair, items like this one would get equal coverage.”

Microsoft takes a lot of crap about security, but they deserve credit for putting security first in IE7’s RSS implementation. I also want to thank Microsoft’s Sean Lyndersay for reaching out to aggregator developers to help make our products more secure.

And while I’m at it, I’ll also give credit to Microsoft for figuring out why Marc Orchant kept having trouble with FeedDemon and IE7. I was involved in a lengthy email thread between Marc and members of Microsoft’s IE team, and it was impressive to witness Microsoft’s debugging efforts. (BTW, it turned out that the problem was caused by having an older version of Google Desktop installed.)

One thought on “Kudos to Microsoft

  1. A good sane comment Nick.
    I sometimes marvel at the ignorance and vitriol that some commentators hang out in public when they make “thought free” comments about software and those who make it.

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