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  1. If only I could subscribe to a comment feed in FeedDemon when using Newsgator sync. Oh, woe is me.

  2. What I am saying is that when I read your main feed, there is no auto discovery of the comment feed? Isn’t this supposed to happen. I am pretty sure there is a thread about this on the support forum and it was determined that if you have a synced feed you don’t get the comment feed discovery.
    Also, are you going to integrate the comment feed with the primary feed in the reader? Other readers show the comments right in the main feed under the topic they are a comment to. This is much prefered to a comment feed with the same titled message 20 times.

  3. Ah! OK, I misunderstood, Bob. I just updated my site to enable auto-discovery of the comment feed. A link to the comment feed won’t show up next to each post in FeedDemon, though, since that’s only for comment feeds that exist for a single post.
    You’re right that having the same titles isn’t that great – I’ll fix this once the current crop of comments dies down.

  4. Auto discovery worked great for me today. BTW, how do I go about adding a comment feed on my other blogs? I use blogspot and wordpress. Thanks!

  5. Thanks Nick. I was able to stay on top of this thread because of the comment feed. I absolutely love it. Keep up the good work.

  6. Angela, WordPress produces a comments feed automatically. It’s at yourblogurl/comments/feed/ Hope this helps.
    Nick, I have blogged my FeedDemon most read blogs. I wonder if anyone else cares to do it?

  7. Dave, Thank you so much for pointing that out to me. Do you by chance know if Blogspot blogs do the same thing? Thanks again!!

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