Why did I avoid zefrank?

I admit it: despite being a geek myself, I tend to ignore anything that geeks are suddenly going crazy over. So when I kept hearing great things about The Show with zefrank, I did my usual contrarian thing and ignored it.

Wow, what a mistake that was.

Last night I gave in and watched a bunch of episodes, and holy crap is zefrank funny (and even poignant). I definitely have to make it easier to view stuff like this in FeedDemon.

3 thoughts on “Why did I avoid zefrank?

  1. *grin* glad to hear I’m not the only one that actually tries to avoid geeky things even as geeky as I am. I always think of that passage in Cryptonomicon when he looks up his role-playing buddy in a mall and describes him as not knowing that he should be embarrassed for himself. Make any sense?
    Anyway, zefrank sounds like the video/podcast version of The Onion.

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