6 thoughts on “And now, the punch line…

  1. Ha! And to think in your original post on the Crazy Poopin’ Bird you actually asked “So what can I do to get rid of this crazy bird?”
    Well apparently the answer is Not… “Get rid of the car!”

  2. At least some small amount of good came of all this. Hopefully he won’t be interested in your new car.
    Glad to hear everyone is alright.

  3. I was thinking that it might have been nice to see the crazy poopin bird, with him bringing a sense of routine or normalcy. The both of you setting aside your grudges this morning for a brief moment of silent mutual respect. And as he leaves, on his way to spend his day however crazy poopin bird spends his days, he calls back over his shoulder, “dude, I hope you get a black car.”

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