5 thoughts on “CNET RSS Reader Roundup

  1. Congrats! A well-deserved honor.
    After trying a few different readers from Netvibes to Attensa (for Outlook) to RSS Bandit, I chose to pay for FD because it was so much better at handling the number and variety of my feeds. Even sold a extremely-techy friend and my non-techy wife on it.
    I still use it for my work-related feeds, but I must admit that I’ve moved my personal feeds to Google for portability reasons. NewsGator just had/has too many quirks with synchronizing when I tried it for me to stick with it, and moving the cache around became too annoying/problematic.
    Keep up the great work!

  2. Sweet…….. congrats! It’s nice to be recognized. MONTHS of work seem to go unrewarded until you hit one of these…
    RE Google Reader. I wish they had a better API. Having client and server sync support is important.
    I’ve mostly migrated to using Reader because NNW used a lot of resources on my slow little mac. It’s nice but far from perfect.

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