Special Secret Feature Inside

Of all the new features in FeedDemon 2.1, the one I use the most is pretty well hidden (and I should probably correct that in the next release).

The feature is “Mark page read and goto next page,” which is accessed by hitting Ctrl+D.  If you’re more of a mouser than a keyboarder, you can add a toolbutton to the toolbar above the subscription tree which performs the same action (if you’re not sure how to add a toolbutton, all you have to do is click the arrow at the far right of the toolbar).

This simple feature saves me a lot of keystrokes and mouse clicks.  In one single action, it takes care of marking items as read and moving to the next page in the newspaper.  Even better, if you’re on the last page of a newspaper, it automatically moves you to the next feed which contains unread items.

If you’re using FeedDemon 2.1, give this feature a try – I think it will make it even quicker for you to move through all your unread items.

5 thoughts on “Special Secret Feature Inside

  1. This, combined with the pagination has been the best thing about the new version. The ability to sit and cycle through the news items page by page, marking read as you go, and either opening with V or sending to a news bin with B, I can clear though my morning read much faster.

  2. I’m loving this new feature too, but I have a small complaint. It doesn’t mark the feed as read if I hit Ctl+D after clicking through to a webpage. For example, I clicked the link in the RSS feed to view this post and then hit Ctl+D. It moved me to the next feed but didn’t mark your feed as read. My other handy shortcut, Ctl+Shift+A, does work when viewing a webpage. Small annoyance in an otherwise awesome upgrade to 2.1.

  3. I looked at this when I originally read this post, and I decided to revisit it again.
    I don’t see the option to add this exact function. I see “Mark page read” and “Mark all pages read” as additional buttons to add, but not the “Mark all pages read and goto next page”.
    Am I missing something here?

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