Jack Brewster is an ex-NewsGatorite

If you’re a TopStyle or FeedDemon customer and you’ve ever contacted our support team, chances are you know who Jack Brewster is.  A couple of years back, Jack was an avid poster to my support forums – and he was so helpful that I convinced NewsGator to hire him after they acquired my company.

Jack has done an amazing job since then, not only answering countless emails and forum posts, but also doing “house calls” when people blogged about a problem they were having with one of our products.

Sadly, today is Jack’s last day with us.  As he states in his blog, he’s enjoyed his time at NewsGator, but working from home just wasn’t his cup of tea.  So when he had an opportunity to return to his previous job, he jumped at the chance.

I’d like to publicly thank Jack for the great job he’s done for us.  Jack, I can honestly say that having you on board has made the transition to NewsGator much easier for me, and also easier for our customers.  Good luck in your next position – and keep in touch!

4 thoughts on “Jack Brewster is an ex-NewsGatorite

  1. Yes, good luck! I’ve appreciated your help. And having you go with Nick made it easier for me to transition to NewsGator (good choice Nick & NewsGator).

  2. Best of luck in the future Jack. I hope we still see you around the NewsGator forums every now and then :)

  3. Wow, I’d love nothing more than to have a job that would allow me to work from home on killer software. My Visio gig allowed me to do just that, and I certainly miss it.
    If you need a replacement Nick, I’d be happy to talk.

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