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I’m subscribed to the feed for Robert Scoble’s link blog, and I keep finding interesting posts in it.  So I decided to create one of my own using the synchronized news bin feature that’s coming in the next FeedDemon.

If I find something that looks interesting, I’ll add it to my synchronized news bin in FeedDemon, and it will then automatically show up in its shared RSS feed.

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PS: This will replace the “link dump” posts I blog every now and then.

7 thoughts on “My Link Blog

  1. It would be nice to syndicate in Atom with the extended author element support for these news bins. That way an aggregator developer could whitelist known shared feed item lists and display the source title, categories, etc.
    While I’m reading through your link blog in NNW I often wonder “who wrote that?” and look around for more information, which leads me to the web browser.

  2. Ew, can’t you just publish a linkblog with one-line commentary instead of republishing full posts that I might have already seen? This way I have to scroll past content from feeds I already read. It seems to me a linkfeed would work better (I read a bunch of those, some of them are really good).

  3. Manuzhai, I suspect that some subscribers would hate it if I converted the feed to partial posts. If you’re using FeedDemon’s surfer style, though, you could just display summaries of the posts :)

  4. Niall, including an RSS source element for each post is on my ToDo list. The author name should already be there, though, provided that the original post included it.

  5. One thing that I see from your links that is different from Scobles is that it shows the post as from “Nick Bradbury’s Shared Items on NewsGator Online” and Scoble’s shows the actual blog it is from.
    I think it would be nice to see in the header which blog the post is coming from.

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