Stuck in Austin

Apologies to friends, co-workers and customers waiting for an email reply from me. I’ve been at SXSW for the past few days, and I’ve let my inbox grow dangerously large while I’ve been here.

And due to bad weather, I’m now stuck in Austin’s airport – probably for the night. My laptop is down to 12% power, and I can’t recharge it ‘cos I put the power cord in my stowed luggage (d’oh).

Long story short: it may be a day or two before you hear back from me.

6 thoughts on “Stuck in Austin

  1. Lesson #1 about flying with electronics: always put the charger in your carry luggage (although that’s easier with an iPod than a laptop) ;)
    I only had one question that really needed an answer, and even it can wait :)

  2. Your blog title plus the hard times you’re enduring sound custom-made for a country song, Nick. :) I know you probably can’t read this by now, but wouldn’t it have been great if you could have…. then you could while away your non-computer time writing some lyrics (pen & paper of course) for when yall get on back ta Nashville!!! LOL

  3. Nick – It was nice talking to you on the plane. I hope you made it home ok eventually. I made it back to San Francisco around 10:30 PST. Not too bad.

  4. Likewise, Mathilde – I enjoyed talking with you about design and going indie. You actually got back before I did (I didn’t get home until 2:30am CST).

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