Country Music Half Marathon

Tomorrow morning I’ll be sweating away with thousands of other stampeding runners in the Country Music Half Marathon here in Nashville.

Truth is, I wish I was running the full marathon – I feel like I’ve got the energy for it, but my iliotibial band won’t cooperate. But I’m still excited to be able to do the half marathon because 18 months ago I couldn’t walk without getting dizzy.

I’ll update this post when I return from the run – but don’t expect an impressive chip time, because I’m not :) I’m simply running to make it to the finish line this time.

Update: As expected, my time was less than stellar (2:09:53), but it was a great run. Close to 30,000 fellow runners took over downtown Nashville, including my friends at the InnerStrength Marathon Group who ran with me and cheered at the end.

11 thoughts on “Country Music Half Marathon

  1. My girlfriend is running too! 12 hour drive from Newark, DE to Nashville, along with a roommate and a high-school friend. I’m staying home for this one, but maybe I’ll try the Rock & Roll Marathon this September.
    Anyways, best of luck running!

  2. 2:09 is great, especially if your iliotibial band isn’t cooperating! Just completing it at all is an acheivement. I participated in the run too. I think we couldn’t have had a more perfect day weather wise. And didn’t they do a great job organizing the event!!
    Anyway, way to go! Good luck with working towards a full marathon and I hope your iliotibial band doesn’t give you any more trouble.

  3. @Glenn: congrats yourself! Yep, the weather was great – although I felt bad for some of the full marathoners who obviously hadn’t run in 80 degree heat before (I saw a couple of them collapse before reaching the finish line).
    I do feel good about finishing, but time-wise I want to do better next year. I ran out of steam and slowed down a *lot* around mile 11, most likely because I made the rookie mistake of not eating anything on the run.

  4. Hey Nick,
    I’m trying to reach you and Carolyn. Please send me an e-mail with your contact info.
    Karen (of Maryland)

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