FeedDemon 2.5 Beta Conflict with Silverlight

Earlier today we discovered a problem with the FeedDemon 2.5 beta that could cause it to crash when Microsoft Silverlight content is displayed in the embedded browser.  I’m testing a solution for this right now, and expect to release an updated beta version later this week which includes the fix.

For the record, this bug is caused by my code, not Microsoft’s.

5 thoughts on “FeedDemon 2.5 Beta Conflict with Silverlight

  1. It wouldn’t matter even if it were MS’ bug since it’s still in development. All that matters is that you caught it and it’s being fixed :)
    Can’t wait till 2.5 is final! Keep up the great work Nick!

  2. What conditions cause the crash? I’ve got Silverlight beta 1 installed and I’ve been to several Silverlight sites in FD and not had a problem.

  3. Yeah, this is actually similar to the floating point problem that beta 1 had with embedded Flash videos, and like that problem, this one doesn’t show itself on every system (I hate those kind of bugs!).

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