TopStyle 3.5: What to call the new "Preview Spy" feature?

The big addition in the upcoming TopStyle 3.5 is a “preview spy” feature which exposes an HTML tag’s margins, padding and content box as you mouse over it in the preview. 

 Watch a Flash movie of this feature

Trouble is, I don’t know what to call this feature.  “Preview spy” isn’t exactly exciting – it’s bland, whereas I think this feature is pretty cool.  CSSEdit for the Mac has a somewhat similar feature called “X-Ray,” but I’m not wild about stealing the name from someone else’s software.

Can anyone recommend a better name?

Update: OK, I’ve settled on the name “Box Spy” for this feature. Many thanks for all the great suggestions!

39 thoughts on “TopStyle 3.5: What to call the new "Preview Spy" feature?

  1. Probably lame, but what about something like “Box Model Magic” or “Magic Box?”

  2. Personally, I call it “Frickin’ Sweet!” :)
    Hmm… being serious – “Layout Inspector”?

  3. “Frickin sweet” works for me. That way, when people ask me where to find this feature, I can simply tell them to press the frickin’ sweet button.

  4. @Joseph: hadn’t thought about using the word “skeleton” in the name – that could work well, since it really does expose a document’s skeleton.

  5. This looks great! – How about StyleScope?
    [as in “looking at the style through a telescope or a microscope” — better than “monkey see, monkey do” anyway! :-) ]
    Can’t wait to see the final upgrade!!!

  6. Firebug calls it “Layout”. The Safari3/Windows inspector calls it Metrics.

  7. Hi Nick,
    for the record, we implemented a feature called X-Ray that was not unlike this in Style Master in 2004 – so there’s no drama of stealing it from CSSEdit,

  8. Just to clarify, I’m not accusing anyone of “stealing” (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and all that) – just like to set the record straight ;-)

  9. This feature is directly related to the official W3 “Box Model”, so it would seem appropriate to incorporate the word “Box” somehow.
    How about: “Box View”, “Box Viewer”, “Boxy view” or maybe “Boxinator”?

  10. Unless you don’t want to call it “PantsDown” my vote goes to “StyleScope” mentioned above. Sounds cool.

  11. Wow – there are tons of great suggestions here. Thanks, folks!
    I like “Style Spy” a lot, but I’m not sure that really describes what it does. “Box Spy” or “Layout Spy” are probably more accurate.

  12. I think including the word “inspector” is a good idea – but then I’m a huge firebug fan ;)
    a few variations:
    box inspector
    document inspector
    layout inspector
    or reverse them:
    inspect boxes
    inspect layout

  13. “Inspector” is a great name – but there’s already a “tag/style inspector” in TopStyle, so I don’t think it would work in this feature’s name.

  14. How about Expose or Outline for the name.
    Looks nice. A firefox plugin allows something similar and also tells you specifically which CSS elements are affecting the specific place you are highlighting.

  15. “Box” something… Like others pointed out, you’re revealing the boxes for an element, so I’d go with box somewhere in the name.
    Box Spy, Box Revealer…
    Cute names shouldn’t take precedence over instantly understandable names, IMHO.

  16. Box Model Inpector
    Box Model Viewer
    Box Model Revealer
    If you really want to knock people’s socks off, make it a 3D Box Model Viewer.
    Maybe give it a “Print 3D Box…” too, that would help kill a lot of time consuming discussion about a design.

  17. The Opera browser has a view called “Show structural elements” that does a similar (but not nearly as integrated) thing.
    That said, that name is non-obvious.
    Style Spy gets my vote.
    –Brad Einarsen

  18. How about something like ‘Topographic view’, a bit of a mouthful perhaps, but it seems quite meaningful?

  19. Ok folks, I’ve settled on “Box Spy” as the name for this feature. It’s not as cool or catchy as some of the recommendations here, but I think it describes the feature quite well. Many thanks to everyone who commented here!

  20. Hmm,
    the list of excellent name I think could be:
    Tag Inspector
    Tag Spy
    Tag Ray
    PussyView ?

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