Missing Gnomedex (Again!)

Arghh.  For the second year in a row I’ve registered for Gnomedex, but later found that I can’t be there.  This year my kids start at a new school the Monday right after Gnomedex, and I really need to be at home with them that weekend.  I’m really bummed about this, because Gnomedex is one of my favorite conferences – I’ve learned something new every time I’ve attended.

So once again I’ve given my Gnomedex pass to Jack Brewster, who is delighted to hear that I can’t make it :)

2 thoughts on “Missing Gnomedex (Again!)

  1. While I certainly appreciate the ticket, I’d still rather take you out for a beer instead.
    Here’s to hoping the _next_ Gnomedex is still in Seattle and that it doesn’t conflict with anything. :)

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