Guitar Hero II Ate My Weekend

Instead of going to Gnomedex this past weekend, I chose to stay home with my kids because today is their first day at a new school. So I had big plans for the weekend, plans that involved spending “quality time” with them making sure they were comfortable with going to a new school.

But then my son asked to play Guitar Hero II, which he received as a birthday present. And every plan went out the window. Holy crap, what an addictive game!

We’d already played all the way to the end when we got to try Freebird (on medium), so my son, my daughter and I spent the majority of the weekend re-playing our favorite songs. My daughter decided that Jane’s Addiction’s Stop was her favorite, while my son preferred YYZ and Pyschobilly Freakout. Me, I liked ’em all.

All I can say is, after a weekend of Guitar Hero II, I got blisters on my fingers. And I guess my kids are well prepared to enter the school of rock :)

9 thoughts on “Guitar Hero II Ate My Weekend

  1. If you thought GHII was addictive, wait until GHIII and especially Rock Band (which has *Tom Sawyer* as one of the tracks! W00t!) come out…It’s going to be an expensive Christmas for this Xbox360 owner :).

  2. Make sure to unlock Buckethead’s “Jordan” in the store. Great Guitar Hero song…

  3. @doofgod: Yep, “Jordan” is great. Another good one to unlock is “Gemini.”
    @Andrew: That video of him playing “Psychobilly Freakout” is insane.
    @Brett: I wish you hadn’t told me about GH at Gnomedex :)

  4. Guitar Hero’s reach is amazing. It’s a favorite at my high school parties, both LAN and regular, yet my grandma enjoys playing it with her ten year old granddaughter.

  5. We actually had it in the office for quite a while, it was such a great lunch time waster :)
    Unfortunately the xbox 360 caught the red ring of death and now we have 2 guitars, 2 games and no fun :(

  6. Definitely the most addictive game I’ve played in years. If you want more songs to try, Guitar Hero I is pretty good (but not as good as II) and Guitar Hero Rocks the 80s just came out, but unfortunately that one stinks. A few good tracks though.
    Unfortunately, playing it obsessively led to me thinking I could try a real guitar and buying a Strat. Unfortunately now my fingers are constantly sore and I can’t play GHII…

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