ANN: TopStyle 3.5 Beta

I’m pleased to announce that TopStyle 3.5 – which will be a free upgrade for all 3.x customers – is now in beta. New features in v3.5 include:

If you’d like to give it a spin, stop by the TopStyle Beta Site for details. Of course, since this is a beta release, it comes with the usual warning that you shouldn’t download it unless you’re comfortable using unfinished software.

11 thoughts on “ANN: TopStyle 3.5 Beta

  1. This is great Nick. I’ve been waiting a long time for upgrades to TopStyle. Do you have a to-do list by the way for things are going to be adding to this and the coming releases?
    The reason I ask is that I am nagged by thoughts like “I wonder if he is going to build in the Mozilla engine into this release or is …”. The questions are way more than I would be comfortable posting here so I thought a upcoming features list would be nice to see before barraging you with questions.

  2. Replace in files! Wow, now I’m happy!! Thanks Nick. Long time in coming, but I’m glad an update has happened in the end.

  3. I am a registered owner of Topstyle Pro 3.12. Does this beta work like the “full” license when installed over 3.12? Does it expire?

  4. @Alan: I hesitate to post a list of upcoming features, since proposed features could easily be added/removed at any time. But among the more popular requests have been Unicode support, integrated FTP editing and extensibility (custom toolbars and/or plugins).
    @Jose: Glad to see that you’re excited by the new release!
    @Radek: The beta is fully functional (ie: no features have been disabled/crippled). It will expire at the end of 2007, but the final release will be available well before then.

  5. Oh really. I thought you had sold out with TopStyle just like with HomeSite. As a software developer myself, I think you’re programs are outstanding and serve to fill a niche that no other applications are filling, but I just can’t stand the way you have zero attachment to your projects and are apparently willing to sell out on any of them for the right buck.
    Which is why this update in particular comes as a surprise, and provoked a response.

  6. Hi Nick
    unfortunately NewsGator uses a proprietary shop system/payment system. I do not own a credit card (no need so far ;-) so how could I order TopStlye Pro?

  7. Hi Nick
    Thank you thank you thank you. And thanks for NewsGator for letting you work on this indispensable tool once more.
    Bug fixes AND new features AND all fer free. Yow.
    Applying the current style to an external URL is a big
    time-saving win for me.
    Lots of happy folks out here in TopStyle userland.
    — stan

  8. Great to see a new version start to emerge after all this time. I was only thinking a few weeks ago how out-of-date the browser definitions had become but how modern the interface still looked. TopStyle is still very much in use and will be even more so with the new features.
    And I found a bug in beta 2/3 too!
    Paul White

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