I Should Stop Taking My Kids to the Toy Store

Want to know why? Because I always end up coming home with more toys than they do.

Today is the perfect example. I drove my daughter to the toy store and told her she could pick out one toy. But I came home with two, both of them decorations for my office desk:

God help me, I’m a sucker for goofy toys.

7 thoughts on “I Should Stop Taking My Kids to the Toy Store

  1. Enjoy it while you can. Not being able to buy toys now that my kids are grown is the thing I miss most, including art supplies at Staples. Now I have to wait for grandkids to spoil.

  2. I can so relate :) .. I have awindowsill full of little stuff animals, statues and miscellaneous toys. Mind you most of them are ones that my wife has bought for me ….

  3. How have the recent toy recalls and spate of reports on the dangers of toys made in China impacted your toy buying habits?

  4. Nick, the red one on the left is upside down . . . it is a plant holder. Does Calvin get to go to his toy store? Can’t wait to see what he gets.

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