Positive Reviews of the New, Free FeedDemon

Wow – the response to the new, free FeedDemon 2.6 has been tremendous!  I hope you’ll forgive me a little self-promotion, but I wanted to share a sampling of the reaction to the new release…

Development on a Shoestring:

"You need to download FeedDemon now!  I don’t care what other RSS reader you use, this one is better. The only reason I could conceive before now not to use it was the cost, but seeing as that’s now no longer an issue, everyone needs to use FeedDemon."

Family Man Librarian:

"Updates to feeds are incredibly fast, much faster than I have ever experienced in any other reader.  This is a huge deal for me and is the main reason I have often become infuriated with Bloglines in particular…Did I also mention that FeedDemon has built-in integration with my favorite desktop-based blogging tool, Windows Live Writer?"


"FeedDemon has made me use RSS more than I did in the past because I don’t have to worry about reading my feed in multiple locations…while Google has done everything possible to make this happen in their web interface it’s simply no match for a well designed desktop application."


"We have been using FeedDemon for quite awhile (we’re actually paid customers), and it is by far the best feed reader for Windows. It can handle hundreds of feeds without stuttering, and the fact that it’s now free makes it irresistible!"

Not So Relevant:

"I have seen blog posts appearing almost two hours earlier in FeedDemon than in Google Reader….FeedDemon is a very good feed reader."


"I’m definitely a winner when it comes to my favorite RSS client…Thanks to Nick and the whole NewsGator team for this ongoing gift."

The Global Geek Podcast:

"What the heck are you doing reading this still? Go see why I think FeedDemon is the best feed reader that you can get for FREE!"

Digital Inspiration:

"The new upgrades from web based RSS readers like Google Reader or Bloglines are tempting but none of them still match the desktop based FeedDemon."


"I’ve long been a fan of FeedDemon as in my opinion it is by far and away the best RSS reader on the market. So good that it was worth paying for, even though most of its competitors were free.  Well FeedDemon is even better as NewsGator (the company that acquired the product) has made it free."


"I’ve used FeedDemon…as my RSS aggregator for several years now. I see that it’s now being offered for free, which is a very good deal indeed, since it is one of the only pieces of software on my computer that I was happy to pay for."


"Great news – the gold standard of RSS/Atom/Feed readers on Windows is now free. I’ve been using FeedDemon for two years now and I can’t praise it enough. The free love continues too, because NewsGator Go! and NetNewsWire are also free."

Peter Holloway:

"Way Hay! My favourite RSS reader is now available for free…This is a great piece of software, and to have it as a free download is even better."


"FeedDemon is one seriously polished, top notch app, that gets even better because the NewsGator backend keeps everything synchronized across multiple platforms."

Many thanks to everyone who took the time to blog about FeedDemon, especially long-time customers who continue to use and recommend it!

11 thoughts on “Positive Reviews of the New, Free FeedDemon

  1. I’m a long time heavy user of FeedDemon (TopStyle too) and like it so much. On the occasion of the new free version, i recently wrote a review in my german-speaking blog too.
    I write about “8 reasons to use FeedDemon”. And the first point there is: Nick stands for high-quality software.
    So, keep up your good work!

  2. Long-time customer who continues to use and recommend it here ;-)
    (there’s a reason that little FeedDemon banner is one of the only things that’s been on the front of my site since I started using it :D )

  3. Nick, you are my hero. I remember using Homesite as my main tool when all the noobs used frontpage.
    I didn’t take Feed Demon into account until now because I thought nothing could beat Google Reader.
    Boy, I was wrong.
    Yours is a work of art, a polished and simple tool which serves my needs perfectly.
    Even if it’s now free, I’d like to donate a small amount to you to show my appreciation. Do you have paypal? Please let me know.
    Keep up the outstanding work. And maybe have feeddemon use mozilla as its backend, IE sucks ;)

  4. @Caffenero: thanks – that’s a very generous offer! But I really couldn’t accept a donation, since NewsGator compensates me nicely for my work on FeedDemon.

  5. Congratulations on a great product – you’ve actually converted me and my 500+ OPML feeds away from Google Reader, which I thought impossible. Stay tuned for an extensive review. Just one question, how do I setup publishing to blogger/blogspot from within FeedDemon? ‘Twould be spiffy if I could do that, and not go through a desktop client.
    BTW, I had performance/sync problems with the Outlook plugin behind my corporate firewall and had to uninstall it, but the desktop client is great.

  6. @Aaman: glad to hear you’re using FeedDemon! I’m afraid I’m not aware of a reliable way to post directly to Blogger, other than to use a desktop publishing tool like Windows Live Writer, w.bloggar or BlogJet. Sorry!

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