The Bradbury Family’s Rocking Weekend

This was a rock-and-roll weekend for the Bradbury household.  It started when my coworker Darrin Long let me know that Rush was playing at Red Rocks this summer.  I mentioned this to my wife, who suggested we both go, and bring our two kids with us.  I was able to get four pre-sale tickets, so fellow NewsGator-ites be forewarned: there will be a Bradbury invasion in June!

The musical mood continued the next day, when I broke down and bought a copy of Rock Band for the Xbox 360.  This turned out to be the perfect game for our family: I was on lead guitar, my son played bass, my daughter banged the drums, and my wife courageously handled the vocals.  It was a blast, although I have to admit, it was weird hearing my lovely wife singing Radiohead’s "Creep."

That night I took a break from Rock Band to attend a Foo Fighters concert here in Nashville.  I like the Foo Fighters, but I’m not a huge fan, and I wasn’t expecting too much from the show.  It turned out to be a great concert, though, especially the acoustic section.  And I believe it was the first time I’ve seen a triangle solo :)

The following morning the Rock Band fun continued after I bought a bunch of new songs on Xbox Live.  My son and I blistered our fingers playing Metallica’s "And Justice for All" and "Blackened" on hard several times in a row.  We’re both itching to play again, but we’ll have to wait until next weekend, because we have a "no video games during the school week" rule here (a rule I’m cursing as much as my son is right now).

5 thoughts on “The Bradbury Family’s Rocking Weekend

  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! Looking forward to seeing Rush in the Philly area this summer, too! Rockin’ out to YYZ on Guitar Hero! Thank goodness we don’t have a “no video games rule” during our week, here!
    Enjoy Rush at Red Rocks, that’s gotta be an AWESOME show!

  2. I finally played Rock Band a week ago. I’ve never touched Guitar Hero, but I gotta say that RB would get my money before GH any day because of the variety of instruments.
    Of course, I don’t have a console myself since Connor is still a little too young to get his game on – yet. ;)

  3. @Jack: Haven’t you learned yet? One of the cool things about having kids is that you can buy toys for yourself, but still pretend they’re for the kids.
    You don’t have to wait until Connor is older – you simply pick up an Xbox360 along with a couple “educational titles” suitable for him. Then you buy Rock Band and any other games you want for yourself :)

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