Tennessee Storms

My family can be counted among the lucky ones who escaped the full impact of last night’s storms here in Tennessee

For a while, we weren’t sure we’d be so lucky.  Just after 9pm, a tornado siren less than two miles from our subdivision sounded off, and stepping outside I heard what sounded like a jet plane roaring overhead.  We quickly brought our two children downstairs to the safest place in the house, where they stayed until morning.

The sirens continued sporadically until sometime after 2am, but somehow the worst of the storm passed right by us, leaving our area relatively unscathed.

Others weren’t so fortunate.  My heart goes out to those who lost their loved ones, homes and communities in the series of deadly tornadoes that tore through the region during the night.

5 thoughts on “Tennessee Storms

  1. I made it through, though I missed re-enacting the opening of Wizard of Oz by like 30 seconds. The tornado that took out the Sears here in Memphis went right through an intersection I had just passed through. It was a close enough call that I almost started smoking again…:shudder:

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