Share Any Web Page with FeedDemon

FeedDemon’s shared clippings enable you to easily share your favorite items from feeds you’re subscribed to, but what do you do if you want to share an article that’s not in one of your feeds?  For example, how do you share an interesting article that you stumbled across while browsing the Web?

Luckily, FeedDemon enables you to share any article, regardless of whether you’re subscribed to the feed which contains that article.  I use this feature all the time to add external web pages to my shared items feed.

To share a web page that you’re viewing inside of FeedDemon, simply drag-and-drop the browser tab into the desired clippings folder, or click the "Favorites" toolbutton above the browser and select "Add to Clippings Folder." 

You can also drag-and-drop hyperlinks from any web page you’re viewing in FeedDemon into a clippings folder.  Even better, you can drag-and-drop hyperlinks from Internet Explorer or Firefox into a FeedDemon clippings folder – so you can share a web page even if you’re not viewing it in FeedDemon.

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