Create Twitter Search Feeds in FeedDemon

TechCrunch brings us the news that Twitter has acquired Summize, which means that Twitter finally has its own search engine.  You can get your Twitter search results as an RSS feed, which provides a great way to find out when someone tweets about something you’re interested in.

FeedDemon customers can simplify the process of subscribing to Twitter search feeds by following these steps:

  1. View this page in FeedDemon, then click here to install the Twitter search definition
  2. Click the Subscribe button, then type the keyword you wish to search for and click Next
  3. Select Twitter from the list of search engines and click Next
  4. Select the folder you want to place this feed in, then click Next
  5. Click Finish

You’re now subscribed to a feed which will bring you the latest Twitter posts which contain your keyword.

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