How to Use FeedDemon’s Newspaper Instead of the News Item List

I received a ton of great feedback on yesterday’s post about possibly killing FeedDemon’s news item list – my thanks to those who took the time to comment!

It’s clear that a lot of customers rely on the news item list, many of whom have been using FeedDemon for a long time.  But it’s also clear that many of these customers don’t realize that FeedDemon’s newspaper view has evolved to the point that it does pretty much everything the news item list does (plus a lot more).  So I’d like to take a moment to describe how to use the newspaper view as a replacement for the news item list.  I admit that it takes a little getting used to, but I know several people who dropped the news item list in favor of the newspaper view and now can’t imagine using FeedDemon any other way.

Based on the comments, there are three main reasons why people like the news item list:

  1. It enables quickly scanning headlines
  2. It enables locating previously read items
  3. It enables navigating via the keyboard

As luck would have it, FeedDemon’s newspaper view offers these same benefits :)

Although the newspaper defaults to showing summaries, you can use the icons at the top right to toggle between full posts, summaries and headlines. 

Personally, I like showing summaries because that enables me to quickly scan the first sentence or two of each item, but you can make the newspaper look more like the news item list by switching to headlines.  Here’s the same feed showing only headlines:


Tip: If you choose to show only headlines, try increasing the number of items to display per page (Tools > Options > Reading).

And while the newspaper view defaults to showing only unread/flagged items, you can change the newspaper filter to display previously read items:

Last but not least, the newspaper view offers even better keyboard handling than the news item list. When the newspaper has the focus (Ctrl+B), the following shortcuts are enabled:

Previous item Ctrl+ArrowUp or K
Next Item Ctrl+ArrowDown or J
Next page Ctrl+ArrowRight
Previous page Ctrl+ArrowLeft
Flag item F
Send item (email, blog, S
Clip item C
Mark item read/unread R
Open/expand item Enter
Open item link V
Open item link in new tab T
Open item link in external browser E
Reload newspaper Ctrl+F5

Tip: You can change these shortcuts by selecting Tools > Keyboard Shortcuts > Newspaper.

Now, I realize this post won’t win everyone over – some people will still prefer keeping the news item list visible.  But do me a favor and try keeping it hidden for a couple days and see what you think.  And if you feel bold, try using the "Next Page” button to mark everything on the current page as read and move to the next page.  That way you can stop marking individual items as read and speed read your way through your unread items.

If it turns out you still prefer using the news item list, I’d be interested in hearing how I could change the newspaper view so that you no longer need it.  It would really simplify FeedDemon if I could drop the news item list, but I won’t drop it until I’m confident that the newspaper view is a suitable replacement.

45 thoughts on “How to Use FeedDemon’s Newspaper Instead of the News Item List

  1. This answered my question of how to view previously read items. I’m good with Newspaper view now. :)

  2. Using newspaper is far too complex.
    News list is more simple. I can view the titles and the item below it at the same time
    Using newspaper requires much more clicking. I only like to read using headline display, not full or summary.

  3. Is there a keyboard shortcut to delete an item in the newspaper style? DELETE not “Mark as read”. That is one of the main reasons I enjoy using the News Item style in that I can just hit the delete key to delete items and not have to use the mouse.

  4. Thank you for so nice guidelines :)
    But let me please give a short summary of my experience with list view.
    I use it not because I’m not familiar with the newspaper view.
    But I’ve quite large monitor (20′) and long list of something to scroll makes me uncomfortable – I prefer to have two separate zones. One of them (list view) I use like a some kind of navbar panel (in addition to panel with feed list) and second one – for multiple tabs with full items text, external links windows and so on. I can switch easily between those tabs, but I always have a list of items in the view and can easily switch to any item I like without additional clicking (to return to list of items).
    It gives me the feeling of control and comfort. But apart from that I like the F11 button, that gives me a chance to destroy this illusion in a second – that is the power of choice… I also like it – it’s so nice to have a choice.
    I know that feelings are very uncertain things to take in account for developmant, but… exactly theese irrational feelings finally have determined my choice of FeedDemon as RSS tool.
    May be not only mine – that’s why I’ve decided to tell you about. My be it would be somehow usefull.

  5. I use features of both. Some feeds I rely on the News Item List while others I tend to ignore it. But I think being able to customize the Newspaper view on a per-feed basis would make it more usable and make me less reliant on the News Item List. Basically if I could set certain feeds to display only headlines from today, while another always just shows summaries of unread items, etc., that could possibly help me move away the News Item List. And I think ideally it would just remember how it was previously viewed, because if I had to go in and set up each feed manually, I think that might be a tad annoying. This can, to some extent, be accomplished by setting certain feeds to use specific styles, but that doesn’t entirely fix the problem (for instance, you can’t set a filter using this method, and you can’t set one to use Surfer with summaries, and another to use Surfer with full posts).

  6. Well, I like the news item list because it gives me a condensed (that is, small letters => lots of items in the same space) overview of what posts are there, even the read posts. So what I’d want first and foremost from the newspaper is something like “Show unread/flagged as full posts (I already have this) AND the other items with title only below that”. (A somewhat unrelated feature I sometimes wish for is the ability to mark e.g. “Last week” as read; I don’t like marking read by page because whatever goes on a page is dynamic, so it feels kind of elusive.)
    The other problem with not having the news item list is that I only have screens with at least 1440 pixels horizontally, so after putting the newspaper at optimal reading width, I have a lot of horizontal room to spare. The news item list is a great for that space (because it provides the quick overview of all more-or-less-recent items).
    Finally, I’m not exactly certain what problems you have with the news item list implementation-wise, but I wonder if you could just make an extra-wide newspaper style that has two columns: you guessed it, a news item list in the left column and something like the newspaper in the right column.

  7. Unless I’m missing something, the newspaper seems to behave in an inconsistent fashion – with only one item in the view it always expands it, no matter what the default setting is. Something like this is unsettling enough to slow me down, and speed of review is one of the main reasons I use the news item list.
    Additionally (and I realise this may just be cosmetic), the news item list is a cleaner presentation than anything I can find in the newspaper styles.
    However, I’ll persevere for a couple of days – or until I get sufficiently annoyed to switch back.

  8. Re: Dirkjan – “you guessed it, a news item list in the left column and something like the newspaper in the right column.”
    A frameset? Could be interesting…

  9. I use the list of news items all the time in FeedDemon (and in NetNewsWire). Its principal advantages are that it presents a lot of information in a very compact way and makes it easy to see the unread posts that I have left for reading at leisure.
    Newspaper view might provide the same if
    [1] headlines view were more compact;
    [2] the interface for switching among full feeds, summaries and headlines was always in view and had a keyboard shortcut; and
    [3] an item once read closed automatically when the next was opened (as folders in the list of subscriptions do).

  10. The feed list is integrated into how I do things. Having it separate from the newspaper view allows me to look at the material in two ways at the same time. I don’t want just one window to flop back and forth in views.
    I use the handy ctrl-shift-j to whip through the tons of feeds I look at. Depending on the day, I know which ones I might want to spend time with, which ones I want to check quickly, and which ones I can breeze through. The feed list gives me the quick look, but something in the newspaper might catch my eye. It’s a good combination for what I do.
    I doubt if I’d stay with FeedDemon if you got rid of the feed list, but having shortcuts for the different views in the newspaper might make it somewhat more appealing.

  11. Nick, I’ve been giving your suggestion a try, and I’ve got some immediate comments.
    Because of the way I work, I run FD striped across the middle of my screen, so I can see what’s going on above and below it. This means I run FD at around 1750x700px. Any taller than that, and I can’t see when processes behind have finished (I tend to read feeds while my PC’s busy, building VS projects and so on).
    At that height, the news item list is currently showing 12 entries. The newspaper view (in summary mode) is only showing 3. That means FOUR times more scrolling than the news item view!
    It also depends somewhat on the type of feed I’m reading and how busy I am. For feeds with a high signal-to-noise ratio, I tend to ignore the news item view and use the newspaper in full post mode. For others where I tend to only read the odd article, I use the news item view.
    Another great thing about the news item view is that it’s always there – when I’ve finished reading an article, I just mouse back over the news item view and either click another article or use my scroll wheel. There’s no flicking backwards and forwards between summary and article.
    Any other suggestions?

  12. I had no idea the Surfer style newspaper had the icons on the upper right, I had been using Blue Vista this whole time which didn’t have that. I seemed to get through my feeds faster, but I’ll have to try it out for a few days. I still like having my news item list above the newspaper view, so I can quickly go back to an item I’ve read. I only hide it when I need more screen real estate.

  13. OK, I’m obviously missing something. I have no Icons in the upper right. While everything else looks the same (Newspaper Style Surfer), still no icons. I’m running the current version 2.7.

  14. A feed may be a blog with five or six thoughtful posts each day that I will always want to read in full. Or it may be a feed with dozens of posts telling about software program updates. A newspaper view is ideal for the latter feed, but not the former.

    Further complicating matters, the RSS feed for the blog might present full posts nicely formatted, or full posts but unformatted, or partial posts.

    Ideally, an RSS reader should let us set the viewing mode individually for each feed, based on the length, contents, and fullness of the feed. (NewzCrawler actually does this, but the implementation is awful.)

    I just don’t think newspaper view is right for all possible users and usage patterns.

  15. @Rick: Those icons won’t appear if there’s a single post displayed in the newspaper – any chance that explains why you’re not seeing them?

  16. I love the News Item view for quickly locating old posts. columns also help tremendously, sort by author adds a simple way of categorizing and makes for a good read.
    There are no styles which allow the same ease of use.
    I do use the Newspaper view daily, but it is of very limited use when gravedigging.
    I hope there is a find/fillter as you type element for the News Item view, it’d make locating old articles much more fun.
    Anyhow, good work Nick, thank you very much for creating and maintaining the best Feedreader there is!

  17. I tried it before to see if i could improve my experience. It failed miserable.
    let’s try some constructive critisism and explain with some examples.
    Current settings: 10 items per page. Enough to have a newspaper feeling, small enough to mark it read (ctrl-d) when I’m interruped (by real work ;) ). This is already a key thing for me.
    (It would be nice if items/page would be configurable per feed, but that’s another thing.)
    Let’s say I want to show some fun story/picture/… that I read moments ago to someone that walks by or flag an item for myself.
    Currently it goes like this:
    (- if i’m close to end of page finish it and ctr-d)
    – press F11 and get a nice overview list, maybe drag it halfway (horizontally in my case)
    – try and find the newsitem. Ofcourse i’ve forgotten the title so click a few possible candidates in the list. Newspaper shows the item immediately in detail.
    – Resume reading. Use back button or click a feed in the tree. F11. Hardly any feeds i read twice (remember, only 10 items/page).
    Now let’s see what effects i get with newspaper.
    – you have to scroll up to get to headline view.
    – you only see 10 items. so no nice overview. you have to start clicking through pages
    If i set it higher (50 for example) I cannot switch feeds as easily without having trouble to reposition correctly afterwards. And what if I accidently hit ctr-d an extra time? How do I mark all the items as unread again without list?
    – try and find newsitem.
    a) click header and go to new page for item content? you need the back button to continue searching.
    b) expand header? I start scanning the list from the top and now all items move down (even maybe off screen) Much more mousemovement (can you use the keyboard arrows?) autocollapse on expanding next item? your current item could move up (a lot)
    I admit some points fixable by designing a better newspaper style or more integrated keyboard/shortcut support. But if it isn’t all done correct, it all falls apart. And your end result is what you already had in the first place. Since you wanted to remove features I don’t see that happening.
    (only half related:
    btw in newspaper the icons are after the title of variable length. Very jagged and mark an item read makes it not bold and everything moves. Half the time my mousepointer ends up on the delete icon.)
    Another thing.
    Some feeds have also a bad habbit of bringing items back from death. I understand fd cannot always detect it. Just sort on title, select all doubles with ctrl-click and DELETE. How to do that as easily with newspaper?
    oh, and i like to have item list sorted descending and newspaper ascending, feels much more natural.
    This is becoming an irritating long post. I’m sorry.
    To finish positively maybe you can make the F11 key toggle to a second theme that I can configure with only headers, an other item count, other sorting, ….

  18. I’ve managed to scale back my use of the News Item List and keep it hidden most of the time, but anytime I want to view the entire contents of a feed – such as quickly scan for a specific item – the NIL far outpaces the newspaper for ease of use.
    About the only way the newspaper could keep up is if there was a button that turned on a more compact headlines view (you can fit 3-4 NIL items in the height of a headlines view entry) and also temporarily increased the number of items per page as high as possible (I guess everything would kill performance, so maybe 50 would be ok).
    Other than that, I can only think of a couple of minor things that are currently impossible with the newspaper:
    * Multi select (most of the operations you’d want to do with multi select are single icons in the newspaper, but really I just prefer ctrl+click and shift+arrow to select multiple things)
    * Single clicking anywhere on the item to show it in the newspaper (clicking the title in headlines view opens the link, not the post – I think?)

  19. I am with Chuck. I have been using Blue Vista which just shows headlines. In fact,as far as I can tell, the only newspaper style that allows summaries is Surfer. I have switched to Surfer because the only reason that I used the News Items was to see more than just one sentence. It would be nice if the other newspaper styles allowed for displaying summaries and full posts.

  20. Hey
    I discovered the News Item list about a month into using FeedDemon, and after that pretty much forgot about using FeedDemon without it, it seemed essential.
    When I read your post yesterday my reaction was instantly; What?? That’s the main feature I DO use.
    However after reading today’s post I decided to try out your suggestion.
    And yes, you where correct, the newspaper style is far more efficient and easy to use then the news item list. Many of the things I got annoyed about with using the news items are no longer a problem (such as constantly resizing it to check Feed article titles) as well as reducing the amount of navigation and clicks required to view articles by a lot.
    So thanks Nick, you persuaded me. Unfortunately many people don’t like change… so I pity you on this one =)
    What has been frustrating me is that after marking all items as ‘read’ often I look back a little later and the odd couple items are randomly market ‘unread’ again. I presume this is a syncing issue.
    A search box on the toolbar would be a nice addition, I am constantly searching.
    Also I have found 2.7 to be a little more unstable then previous version. I get a lot of ‘hangs’ as well, although I don’t know if this is due to the new version, or due to the fact I have more feeds then I used to.
    Also how come folders can be placed in folders in Newsgator Online, but not within FeedDemon?
    And finally, a request I doubt you will ever consider… syncing with Google Reader. Pretty sure it is the most wanted feature for FeedDemon =P

  21. “Pretty sure it is the most wanted feature for FeedDemon”
    Nope, the most wanted feature would be your question immediately preceding(“folders in folders”) :)
    The reason a true tree structure isn’t in FD goes waaaaay back to the original design of FD which used a “Channel” paradigm wherein a set of feeds was part of a channel. When Nick switched to “Folders” after a very vocal outcry from the userbase (yes, I was one of the…er…vocalist :)) the framework of the application and the control he used for the “channel/tree” would not accomodate nested folders without a nearly complete rewrite of the application, the “FeedDemon 3.0” that will come someday.

  22. I’m a longtime user of FD, and I’ve been using the news items list for reason 1. and 2. you’re mentioning. But I’ll be a sweet girl, and I’ll try out the newspaper view for a few days, and I’ll see what that gives. So far I don’t really like it ;-) but breaking old habits always takes a while. I’ll be back with my feedback. Oh by the way, I’ve always been using Eudora and then Thunderbird for mail, so it’s not because this news items list looks like something in Outlook, that I like it :-)

  23. Quick, someone’s wrong on the Internet! ;-)
    I’m a FeedDemon user (and long-time beta tester) that doesn’t use the News Item List *at all*. And I never got used to NetNewsWire on the Mac, so I bought Fusion almost solely to run FeedDemon on my Mac ;-)
    Items I have to read later get flagged using the “F” key.
    Items I want to read in full I expand by hitting “Enter”. When I’m done, I collapse it by hitting “Enter” again.
    To refer back to posts I use the – tadda – Search function!
    What would help me from the suggestions above would be the persistence of Full/Summary modes per feed. Currently I have troubles reading feeds from photo communities, which don’t work in Summary mode because images aren’t shown as big as they could. I thought about a hacked version of Surfer that shows full posts always (I’m not a fan of PhotoStrip or Outland styles).
    Additionally I have to agree that the layout of the Headlines mode is suboptimal, the large font size causes early clipping with the ellipsis.
    To the people that have the news item list visible to fill the space on their big screens: why do you run FeedDemon maximized at all? I don’t do that anymore since I got a screen bigger than 1024*768. (I admit I use the “Open links in external browser” pref, can’t stand IE’s page rendering full of ads – and my browser window is bigger, but also not full screen)
    @jack brewster: Please, no! Framesets should be deprecated, position a couple of “div”s using overflow:scroll.
    @critter: Are you still not over micromanaging your feed subscriptions with a folder hierarchy? I hope Nick finds a better use of his development time than implementing hierarchical folders in times when the web moves from folders to searches/smart folders and tags/keywords.

  24. Nick, I use the newspaper view most of the time, but I jump back to the news list view when I need to find a read item. The reason I do this rather than switch to show all on newspaper view is because I can jump to viewing the read items with a keyboard shortcut (F11). If I could switch to show all in newspaper view with a keyboard shortcut I’d never use the news list again!

  25. After yesterdays post I became a bit of a convert to the newspaper style.
    Removing the list and changing to newspaper styles to solve my answers seems to help for some of the feeds I read, but not all of them. Some simply I just want to look at the list of headlines coming through and when it hits 30 or more in a day, using newspaper styles isn’t as conveneint. I’d have to flip from page to page to find what I want instead of scanning 1 list. Minor intrusion into a work flow, but it is an intrusion.
    For those feeds I switch back to list view and for the rest I’ve converted over to newspaper styles. I tend to use the Expando style as it is cleaner and tighter than the other styles. This works really well on photo blogs or any feeds that uses a lot of images or graphics. I get to see them much more instead of scrolling as much.
    Thanks for re-introducing me to a way to use my favorite newsreader. I think I’ve spead up some of my feed reading.

  26. Nick,
    Meant to ask this in the last post… is there a way we can create our own custom newspaper styles?

  27. News item list fan here (previously a paying user). I’ve been trying the newspaper way but really can’t stand it. It’s more like a web 2.0 interface with all the limitations of trying to stuff a desktop app into a web browser window. I prefer the desktop experience which is why I’m using a desktop client.
    Short list of differences in the list vs newspaper way of doing things:
    – list is more compact, more info with less eye travel (and eye candy distractions)
    – ctrl+space to next unread item selects item in list but in newspaper it opens the item (so the workarounds for displaying a list in the newspaper go out the window); no newspaper style approaches news list efficiency
    – list navigation is independent of content navigation (up and down in list selects items, while up and down in content scrolls content without modifying list state)
    With the list, I don’t care about newspaper styles. There’s the list of items and a separate content pane. If I could, I would rip out the whole newspaper subsytem. The newspaper summaries just duplicate the list using more space with lots of (web 2.0) icons – way too busy for my eyes.

  28. Not only do I use the News Item list, but I’ve abandoned every other feed reader I’ve ever tried because it DIDN’T have one! A few apps try, but they don’t have the nice headline-and-summary combination that makes the item list so nice.
    I think that, in trying to eliminate the technical complexity of the item list, you’re making my favorite developer mistake: Confusing “A is *capable* of doing everything B can do” with “A makes it *as natural* to do everything B can do”. My laptop can do everything my iPod can do, but guess which one I like to listen to music on?
    Here’s what makes the news item view so natural, along with solutions to enable the newspaper to achieve that:
    1. It’s in its own frame. I don’t have to click “back” (or switch tabs) when I finish reading an article; I can continue browsing the list, right where I left off. Solution: Allow two panes of embedded IE, so that one can be the newspaper.
    2. It’s compact. Solution: Give some CSS love to the newspaper view, making the formatting as much like the item view as possible.
    3. It’s visually plain, not busy. Solution: Create a newspaper that doesn’t have the “More” link or the bunch-of-action-icons or the thumbnail.
    More as I think of them..

  29. Nick… I have realised what the newspaper view is missing!
    A little “minimise” button at the BOTTOM of the article as well as top, after reading through you have to scroll back up to top to minimise. =)
    @critter42… thanks! Haha, okay given those reasons I guess I will put up with it! =P

  30. Color me embarrased – you called it. I only tried a few feeds with Surfer and they all had one (or fewer) messages, then I went back to Newsgator Ratings. I’ll try to be more thorough before crying wolf next time.
    Thanks for a great product,

  31. @Josh – if you’re in headline mode and the post has the focus (has the blue rectangle around it), you can just hit the enter key and it will minimize

  32. Well I personally don’t think newspaper comes even close to news itemes, I tried to use it but it just irritates the hell out of me :)
    I managed to get summary only in surfer, so I’ll stick to that.
    It’s cluttered, why would I need menu near every post, imagine windows explorer having “delete”, “copy to”, “move to” buttons near every file. It’s an application not some crappy php forum for god sake.
    I can’t find a way to sort it the way news list can. Some feeds do actually use category field, how do I find it? How do I sort by it? How do I sort by title?
    How do I ungroup items, grouping by dates is useless and attention consuming, “it’s not mail” after all :)
    How do I filter out feeds that I’m interested in? This feature is essential for fighting information overload.
    How do you select 20 items and mark them read?
    That’s just something on top of my head, I read my news items by opening them in browser that’s how much I like newspaper. For me, the newspaper is more an unavoidable bloat and less a useful preview, let alone comparable alternative to news items list.
    Sorry, but that’s what I think.

  33. It’s kind of interesting…
    1. I stumbled across this post just by accident. Yes, in FeedDemon, where I have subscribed to this blog’s feed, but don’t always read it, because of information overload.
    2. I’ve been a FeedDemon user (and a happy one) since it became available for free. And for some weird reason, I quickly discovered the News Item pane and have used it ever since. I am not an Outlook user, so no bias because of that.
    3. I have now for the last half hour switched to the approach recommended by your post. Combined with a few keystroke shortcuts I learned in the process (Ctrl-Arrows, Enter key) I feel that I am already more productive. This appears to be a classic example of getting a very powerful productivity tool and not taking the time to figure out the most effective way of using it, thus wasting a lot of time that I could have used more productively.
    Thanks, Nick! Not only for the great app, but also for advocating how to best use it. I’ll pay closer attention to your blog going forward. And maybe spend an hour or two learning more about FeedDemon to avoid future “Doh!” moments :)

  34. Nick;
    Two things I think would help the newspaper view are some folder settings:
    – each folder having it’s own “number of items per page” and default “view” setting.
    This would help when you had a lot of feeds in one folder and only wanted to view by Headlines compared to a folder where there are only a few feeds and you want to view Full Post.

  35. @Tim: Yes, you can create your own newspaper styles, although I have to warn you that the newspaper format _may_ change in the future. If you look in FD’s data\styles folder, you’ll see .FDXSL2 files for each newspaper style – these are the XSL files that generate the newspaper view.
    If you want to experiment, just make a copy of one of these files and make changes to that copy. Note that newspaper styles are cached, so you may need to restart FD for changes to appear.

  36. thanks for tips – always look at them with interest – this is an eye opener & I’m now converted (no more news items here!) – less clutter on the screen makes for easier browsing – toggles & shorcuts are essential/great

  37. Ok giving it a shot, but one big negative for me: Adding items to Clippings folders. There doesn’t seem to be any (easy) way to do it in Newspaper view. In List Items, it’s a right click on the listed item, and save to folder.
    Actually however I think this even is one step too many, and I would prefer to be able to right click on the item title and save to clippings folder from there.

  38. @Kip – when the newspaper has the focus (ctrl+B if it doesn’t), hit the “C” button on the keyboard and you’ll get a popup that you can select what folder to clip it to. If you hit “D”, it will automatically be clipped to your default clipping folder. If you want to stay mouse-bound, click on the basket-looking icon between the X and the right-pointing arrow

  39. Nick,
    I took your advice and got rid of the news items. I actually prefer the newspaper view. I truly enjoy seeing the posts in all of their glory, the graphics always catch my eye, which is something the new items hide.
    The only issue I have with the styles id that the only one that I like is surfer and I have just one small problem with that – The separator between the posts isn’t obvious enough and I find myself having to work to distiguish between the posts. Sometimes the posts contain sections that look similar to the header. I know I can modifiy it but I am tto lazy, maybe when I get some time.
    Other than that I am convinced, and the Next Page button makes it all very easy to control. I’ll never use new items again.
    Paul Speranza

  40. The news list is one of the things I like best about FeedDemon’s UI. It lets me treat my feeds as an email Inbox where I can scan the list and click on the ones I care about. It’s a user experience I am very used to and missed with other feed readers.
    Using the News list, I can scan ~100 posts without touching a keyboard or mouse. I can also add columns like Date, Category, Author, etc. and sort by those columns. Using the new proposed approach, I will only see about 20 posts before I have to scroll. Multiply that scrolling by the number of feeds I track and I’ll find myself clicking and scrolling like 4-5 times more than I do already.
    The News Item List is a very beneficial feature of FD that other readers do not have and gives FD an advantage. If someone doesn’t want to use it, all they need to do is hide it in the menu.
    If you are going to scrap it anyway, please try and bring the advantages of it over to the newspaper. Maybe enrich the Newspaper preferences a bit. My biggest pet peave with the new design will be not being able to see A LOT of posts at one. Maybe have different preferences such as # of posts to display and font size based upon the Headline, Summary or Full Post view.
    I am going to try living without the News List for a week or so and see how it goes. Maybe I am just griping about the change. We’ll see. I’ll post back if my opinion changes.

  41. I would seriously miss multiple selection and column ordering in case of removal of the list view.

  42. @Nick:
    > Note that newspaper styles are cached,
    > so you may need to restart FD
    > for changes to appear.
    When hacking my personal style I like to use the “Reload language file” command from the debug menu to refresh it ;-)

  43. critter42: I won’t miss list view if multiple selection will be added to the newspaper view.

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