Start the New Year With a New TopStyle

Earlier this month I announced that Stefan van As has acquired TopStyle, and I’m pleased to now announce that Stefan has just released the first beta of TopStyle 4.0.

There are some great additions in this new version, such as:

  • Unicode support (at long last!)
  • Live FTP editing
  • Customizable HTML toolbar
  • Code folding
  • Bookmarks

My favorite new feature has to be Unicode support.  I use TopStyle to edit all of FeedDemon’s CSS, HTML, XML and XSL files, and it’s great to finally be able to save them as UTF-8/UTF-16 in TopStyle.

If you’d like to try it out, stop by Stefan’s TopStyle 4 site to download it.  This is a beta, of course, so it comes with the usual warnings about not downloading it unless you’re comfortable using unfinished software.  That said, as long as you install TopStyle 4 in a different folder than TopStyle 3, you can still run both versions at the same time – so you can try out TopStyle 4 without fear of messing with the current version.

PS: Just a reminder that since TopStyle 4 is no longer “mine,” questions and comments about TopStyle 4 should be posted to Stefan’s TopStyle 4 newsgroups rather than to NewsGator’s TopStyle forums.  However, questions about TopStyle 3.5 should still be posted in our forums.

7 thoughts on “Start the New Year With a New TopStyle

  1. I would, if only I could. For some reason I constantly get timeouts from (which the domain seems to redirect to?). I’ve been trying to get on to that site since you made the announcement, no chance.
    Don’t know if I’m the only one with that problem, but he could be losing out on a lot of customers from the UK if everyone with the same provider (BT) has the same problem.

  2. Interestingly enough I can access the newsgroup, but still no luck with the website. At least from here in the UK, during a recent visit to Germany I could access the site from the exact same laptop without any problems.

  3. Apparently, port 8080 is to blame. I assume it is closed at your end.
    Anyway, I’m not using that port anymore. Can you please try again?
    Thanks, Stefan.

  4. Thank God! I was just thinking … has Nick abandoned those of us who remember when Topstyle was an integral part of Homesite 5?
    Thanks. I’m anxious to give the new stuff a test.

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