I’ve been meaning to read Daemon ever since Rick Klau raved about it in his blog, but I always seemed to find a reason to put it off.  Brad Feld’s review of it convinced me to finally pick it up, and now I wish I would’ve read it sooner.

What a great book!

It’s so nice to read a techno-thriller that doesn’t make me roll my eyes.  If you’re a geek, you know what I mean: you start getting into a novel, and then suddenly find yourself laughing at the way technology is so cluelessly portrayed.  Not so with Daemon – in fact, you may actually learn about tech that you didn’t even know already exists.  And after reading the novel, I’m guessing you’ll never again leave your OS unpatched :)

Technology aside, Daemon is a great read with solid characters and a solid story.  I recommend it highly.

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