Making Short URLs Suck Less

All this chatter about how short URLs suck makes me want to remind folks about FeedDemon 3.0’s “short URL preview,” which I blogged about a few months back.

As the screenshot below illustrates, just mouse over a short URL to see a balloon tip containing the actual URL it points to:


A even better example of this feature can be found in this excellent post from Digital Inspiration, which explains why FeedDemon 3.0 is “an almost perfect Twitter client.”

4 thoughts on “Making Short URLs Suck Less

  1. Always enjoy seeing a really good product becomming even better, much like the continual improvements that VW did with the Beetle.

  2. I like the FeedDeamon3.0 as the 140 characters are realy bland. The truth is you cannot do much but little improvements are better. By the way HomeSite used to be my favorite tool.

  3. After twitter has come, there is very high usage of short urls, even I do use. But somehow I am not satisfied with short urls. We are not able to see whats exactly in the URL. Seriously looking for a better alternative.

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